Training opportunity for 18-25 year olds in West Cavan

Pathway To Leadership Project is a free Cross Border Peer Leadership Accredited Training Project that has been delivered in Craigavon and West Cavan over the last few years. 

The training is aimed at 18 – 25-year-old young people from Craigavon and County Cavan.  We are now enrolling as some trainees have completed the Peer Leadership Award and places are available. 

All transport is provided and childcare contribution is payable to participants who require assistance.  Qualifications in Peer Leadership, Contentious Cultural Issues, Community Volunteering, Millennium Volunteer Award and personal development will equip young people with skills, knowledge and experience to develop their aspirations and life goals.

This round of training starts on Tuesday 10th May and places are available.  We are also recruiting for the course commencing in September 2011.  Contact Sandy on 071 9853321 or visit our 1825 page.


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