Community Jobs for the Unemployed (TÚS Scheme)

This initiative is intended to provide meaningful work placement opportunities to unemployed people and is being rolled out by Breffni Integrated Ltd.  Community and non-profit organisations based in Co. Cavan are now invited to make proposals to provide work placement opportunities in their organisations.

Work opportunities must fall within the following broad categories:

  • Energy conservation work in homes and community buildings;
  • Social care of persons of all age groups and persons with a disability or with limited mobility;
  • Caretaking, securing, supervising of community buildings and spaces;
  • Renovation of community, recreation and sporting facilities, including their regeneration and enhancement;
  • Work in support of the promotion of the Irish language, other cultural and heritage activities;
  • Community administration, research, and community event management;
  • Coaching for sporting activity (where operated by designated sporting organisations);
  • Repair of equipment for the developing world – farm tools, bicycles, computers, sewing machines, health equipment.

Full details on our TÚS Page


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