Alzheimer’s Garden project

As part of the plan of work identified for West Cavan for 2011 under the Local Community Development Programme (LCDP), the need to explore alternative day care models for local people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has been identified – see details on 

Read the full proposal here – Proposal for a garden for Alzheimer’s sufferers 04.07.11

Plants and flower’s list.

Honey suckle.
Mint – mixed varieties.
Bamboo screening.
Fruit trees.
Climbing plants for trellises.
Roses (Climbers and bushes)
Bizzy Lizzies

Please contact us if you have other plants you think might be suitable.

Material list.

Trellis (or timber suitable to make trellises).
Larger planter pots.
Old wheelbarrow (for planting flowers).
Paint for metal to paint wheelbarrows.
Sleepers or large timbers.
Water feature material.
Flag stones (inc slightly broken ones)
Posts (long round posts 6’ or longer).
Potting table.
Garden gate for entrance.
4 bags of cement. Sand for mixing.
Weed prevention fabric.


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