HELP! Materials required – Killycarney Community garden

2012-10Killycarney Community gardening group works on a very small budget and are reliant on the materials we have had donated over the last few years.  We really have appreciated these donations of timber, manure, pots, polytunnel frame, topsoil and much more.

The group currently need the following and if you can help please drop in to arrange collection or delivery between 12-4pm on any Thursday (and get a tour of the garden) or contact Geraldine or Sandy Tel: 071 9853321:

  1. Lengths of timber of any size – scaffolding plants are ideal (treated or untreated).
  2. Old straight tree trunks (for edging new paths).
  3. Topsoil; Compost and Seed Compost.
  4. Drainage stone 2-3″ and Quarry dust.
  5. Water-butts (for rain water collection)
  6. Guttering – open and U-shaped.
  7. Carpet (without a foam backing) – industrial carpet is ideal.
  8. Hand tools – Secateurs; trowels etc.
  9. String/Twine.
  10. Canes.
  11. A deep fat fryer (for cookery sessions).
  12. Aquatic plant cuttings (for a water feature).

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