Ireland Funds open for applications

The Ireland Funds small grants have opened for applications focusing on new and innovative responses to social need. The objective of the Ireland Fund Small Grants Round is to enable as many organisations as possible to fund new and innovative responses to social need.

The amount of funding available will vary from year to year but is typically around $1 million. Applicants can apply online during the period in which the Grant Round is open, which is typically February – March in this instance with a deadline of Thursday 28 March 2013.

Organisations typically begin their funding relationship with The Ireland Funds when they are awarded a grant through the Grant Round. Donors occasionally identify projects through the Grant Round that they wish to support longer term through donor advised gifts and, while a relatively small number of organisations receive funding in this way, we continuously update our records on charities should a donor express an interest in supporting an area in which they are active.

Grant Round Funding Priorities.  The Worldwide Ireland Funds accept applications for projects in the following areas:

  • Investing in Ireland’s Communities
  • Supporting a Shared Future for Northern Ireland
  • Providing Access to Education
  • Promoting Culture and Heritage
  • Assisting Disadvantaged Youth
  • Assisting the Elderly “Forgotten Irish”
  • Promoting Philanthropy in Ireland

Size of Awards – The maximum amount awarded is €20,000. The average award will be around €5,000 and there is no minimum award.

How to Apply – For more information and how to apply please visit: For further assistance please contact : The Ireland Funds in Dublin T – (01) 662 7878 / E –

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