The Organic Centre comes to Belturbet

Belturbet Community Development Association is delighted to welcome: The Organic Centre to run courses in Belturbet during September & October.

For more info and how to book download the Organic Course brochure

1. Saturday 28th September Community Gardens and Allotments – How to start? With horticulturist and community gardener Ingrid Foley. Ingrid has worked in community gardens for 10 years and has helped in the setting up of a number of allotment projects. The course will highlight the specific issues and advise on best practise.

2. Saturday 5th October Foraging Wild Herbs and Plants – With herbalist and community Chef Gaby Wieland. Gaby will help you find and identify many “wild herbs” that grow right on your doorstep and are commonly used in Western Herbal Medicine and for culinary purposes.

3. Saturday 19th October Soups, dips and breads – With Lynne Maguire, Chef at The Organic Centre’s Grass Roof Café. Enjoy a fun filled interactive day learning the ‘secrets’ of Lynnes fabulous recipes. She will guide you through the making of some of the simple yet delicious recipes, with hints and tips on meal planning, how to use up leftovers and budgeting.

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