Words to Music programme

The Words to Music Programme ia a a partnership project between Breffni Integrated and St Mogues College, Bawnboy, County Cavan.  It has been developed in conjunction with the Home School Liason officer at St Mogue’s and is linked to the Goals of the Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme run by Breffni Integrated.

Words to Music ProgrammeThe main aim of the programme is to work with students to provide them with a programme of creative arts workshops that supports and encourages them to engage better within school.  45 students are taking part in this years programme.

The programme consists of a series of 6 workshops in small groups from each year group working through a process of song writing starting with words and formulating lyrics to complement literacy goals of the curriculum. It will also mean students who don’t consider themselves musical can take a full role in the process.  The group will work together as one group and in small groups and will receive guidance from the workshop facilitator, Sandy Holland of Breffni Integrated to bring their ideas into a song structure and to add music to complete their song.


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