Severe weather plan – Cavan County Council

Severe Weather Plan

Local Authorities are required to do a major review of their operations and to produce a plan and map detailing the proposed response/operations that the Council will be operating. This review is to be carried out annually prior to the onset of winter.

  • We advise the public to:
  • Look at the designated salting routes and decide your best options to ensure access to the main routes for emergency services and essential trips.
  • Have a winter service check for your vehicles.
  • Consider purchasing materials, salt and/or winter tyres for the winter.
  • Ensure that all water pipes are suitably insulated or buried a minimum of 1 metre below ground to avoid freezing.
  • Consider neighbours at risk (elderly etc) and establish a rapport with them.
  • Consider car pooling.
  • Ensure a reasonable store of fuel and essentials for more isolated areas.

You can keep up to date with all the latest News, Road closures and service information from Cavan County Council on their NEWS page.


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