TÚS Initiative

On this page you can download a form for the TÚS Initiative.  This is a preliminary Expression of Interest Form for Community and Voluntary Organisations which may be considering offering a placement to a participant under the initiative.

Michael Barrett, TÚS Supervisor (West Cavan), Breffni Integrated Ltd, Co.Cavan T: 0494331029

Expression of interest form for TÚS Initiative 31 05 2011  Community Groups Advert for TÚS Initiative 31 05 2011



3 thoughts on “TÚS Initiative

  1. hi micheal, I got a letter from department of social welfare.. it says would I like to join tus programme,but what work do you offer and where ..thank you

  2. Hi my name is Mike Barrett I am the new TUS supervisor covering the west cavan area. I am working my way through the applications already received but feel free to contact me at Breffni Integrated . There are a few places left so please get in touch as these slots are filled in a “first come ,first served ” basis. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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